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VoiceTele Services is a leading provider of IP based wholesale telephony connectivity, or Voice over IP (VoIP). Established on the principles of quality is our priority, VTS’s managed packet based network allows for incumbent Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers to safely offload their wholesale international traffic while progressively decreasing their minute costs and increasing the quality over other IP based telephony carriers.

Because VTS provides end to end management of all the traffic running over its network, we can guarantee PSTN quality connection every time. Our customizable monitoring and billing software allows us to catch and resolve problems before they

Wholesale VOIP

VTS Telecom is interconnected to numerous tier1 and tier2 carriers worldwide. By using IP-SS7 [as1] technology, VTS’s distributed soft switch architecture allows for guaranteed completion on all its direct routes. This effectively decreases congestion during busy hours, and increases the completion of all calls.

Carriers wishing to interconnect to VTS have the option to either join the extensive VTS H323 network by interconnecting directly with the VTS Distributed Gatekeeper, or direct PSTN connection to the VTS USA POP.

All billing is processed via records collected from VTS’s redundant server infrastructure. VTS’s automated CDR analysis and compliance tools effectively eliminate dispute resolution time to less than 7 business days.

Partners Program

VTS Partner Initiative focuses on providing the highest quality of service to all VTS Partners. Enrolling in the NPI program automatically qualifies the partner to take advantage of the following services:

  • Site planning;
  • Financial Cost/Benefit analysis;
  • Site Deployment;
  • POP Monitoring;
  • Capacity Monitoring;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Event Resolution and Escalation.


VTS understands what it takes to make a network function and secure. Currently, VTS operates Points of Presence (POPs) in the following regions:

Middle East;
Eastern Europe;
Southeast Asia.

When problems arise, an organization is measured by their response. Preparedness, timely information, and the seasoned judgment of experts play a vital role in earning your confidence. Our fully redundant network architecture provides PSTN comparable completion. Our proprietary systems are capable of detecting and resolving network-related quality issues before they have a negative impact. Active, intelligent monitoring and resolution raises the bar for competition and delivers a vastly superior product. The online Trouble Ticketing system documents and directs actions taken.

Location, location, location: Our primary POPs are located in premier telecom hotels in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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